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Picture by E. Marmol via http://www.kalakalamania.com


IMO : ?????

Build : 1926, Moore Dry Dock, Oakland California as Peralta,

Converted : 1935, Lake Washington Shipyards, Houghton (now Kirkland)

Not really an ugly ship although it does look like it has seen better days (understatement-alert!!). It’s definitely not a bland copy of the usual designs from that era. I actually kinda like it. Although I’m not a hugh fan of museum ship-projects (whole different story) I really would like this one to work.

The Peralta was build in 1926 as a conventional ferry to be used on San Fransisco Bay. she burned down in 1933. After the conversion to the first streamlined vessel in the world she returns to work as a ferry from 1935 till 1967. from then on she passes through several owners with all different plans but she never gets to work again, although she is used as a floating fish processing plant and later even beached in this role.


From 1984 on several attempts to save her have been started and hit rock bottom but now it looks like she is in good hands to get het back to her original glory.

for more info see: www.kalakalamania.com and/or www.kalakala.org

  1. CoolGirl1548 says:

    that a cool ship!!!! 🙂

  2. FOYEN says:

    Space bus FTW

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