Salvador Dali

Posted: 25 November, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Salvador Dali

IMO : 9328950

Build : 2005, Astilleros Zamakona, Bilbao, Spain, nr C611

A new concept for Europe, a powerful tug propelled  by 2 Aquathrusters. A bollardpull of 75 ton, good maneuverability, perfect view and a hugh aftdeck.

But she still looks like a flying saucer that crashed on to earth with a couple of phone-boots build on top of that.

And there is a sistership to:

Ramon Casas

IMO : 9328962

Build : 2005, Astilleros Zamakona, Bilbao, Spain, nr C612

and a bonus, twice:



  1. Mike173 says:

    This looks like the Spanish bought rights to build the design from Seabulk Towing (formerly Hvide Marine) in Florida, USA. There are quite a few of those working in various US ports. They are referred to as Ship Docking Modules (SDM’s). As far as I know, that’s their only use. While surely innovative and strange looking, I don’t believe they truly qualify as ugly.

  2. seabart says:

    You are totally correct, the Spanish build them indeed after the original American design.
    If you read the article on the bottom of the post you know the full story.

    And I’ve got a few of the Americans lined up for a future post as well.

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