Storman Asia

Posted: 25 November, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Storman Asia

IMO : 7533721

Build : 1977, C. Luehring Schiffswerft GmbH & Co. K.G., Germany, nr 6701 as Gloria Virentium

Heavy lift ships: a special breed of ships and one of my favourite types as I have been working in that sector for quit a while. Usually they are not the most beautiful ships in the world but they are forgiven due to the nature of the work they are doing. But this one definitely deserves the honors of being possibly the most ugly one in the whole wide world.

Please not the ingenious (collapsing) constructing of the portside bridgewing, not a nice place to be if you ask me, even in the most beautiful weather! (best visible in the 2nd pic)

It used to sail for Mammoet Shipping (now Biglift Shipping) as well, see pic below. The yellow color of her hull doesn’t make it any better!

Starman Asia

Dunno source via Interweb

BTW: see how the “derricks” are actually right in front of the wheelhouse? The visibility from there can never be very good!! Better not stroll in front of her, you might be overlooked!

And as bonus: a general plan:


  1. FOYEN says:

    For a random person who is a stranger to ships and knows them only by Titanic & Queen Mary 2, this one will of course and definitely be an ugly ship. Moreover, it’s likely that very person will ask whether this is a ship or not, because “shit also floats”.

    Designed not for the beauty contest but to effectively serve her purpose, it’s excusable for this ship to be ugly. In development of a concept of an ideal design for a heavy lift ship in the 70s, I’d say Storman Asia was exactly that ship for her time. 2 x 400 ton derricks, spacious cargo deck, ability to roll on and off the cargo via the stern ramp, twin screw propulsion – everything for the sake of high efficiency. Even the pyramidal masts with derricks are located in the way to simplify the loading operations. Her wide hull doesn’t require those support legs many heavylifters of the 70s had to partly abut on a dock while loading or the pontoons many heavylifters use now as a counterweight and protection from capsizing.
    Though not sure if there was enough visibility from the main bridge and how often the “crow’s nest” was used.
    Glad this ship is still sails today but for how long? All the “unique” heavylifters of her time are already gone.


  2. FOYEN says:

    La Nave Cargo  "Storman Asia" Nel Porto Di Anzio

    She actually looks pretty and cool.

  3. FOYEN says:

    2012 March 1st, 08:00:00 UTC arrived at Aliaga to be broken up.

  4. FOYEN says:

    Some brochure about this vessel, incl. infos, GA plan, photos:

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