Gamma 1

Posted: 26 November, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by K. Bustraan via


Picture by K.Bustraan via

Gamma 1

IMO : 8954881

Build : 1989, Scheepswerf Ravenstein B.V., Deest, The Netherlands, nr 263 as Shuttle Goteborg

What can I sat about this one?? It looks like the designer was inspired by a carton shoebox when putting something on paper for this client.  OK, it has a roro-ramp and when it was new the hatchcovers could slide open. I don’t know where these vessels (there is one sistership: build as Shuttle Karlstad) used to trade but it can’t be the high seas, must have been somewhere nice & quit.

Educated guess: maybe between Goteborg & Karlstad???

But what’s with that tiny wheelhouse (can’t even call it a bridge). And did they really expect you to abandon ship with that Mickey Mouse boat laying just before the “wheelhouse”??

here are the 2 vessels together, in their original colors:

  1. BOAN says:

    The ships are built for traffic from Göteborg via Trollhättan Canal to Lake Vänern.
    Transport oil product (one ship petrol the other one gasoil) upstream in integrated hull tanks.
    Transport forest products (paper, timber) downstream on main deck.
    The flat front is due to limited length in canal locks.

  2. mike says:

    I am currently in a boatyard in Cartagena Colombia. My yacht is located right next to Shuttle Göteborg. She is even uglier now, and being used as a floating shed where a 80ft tourist party catamaran is being built.

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