Posted: 28 November, 2008 by SeaBart in paintjob
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IMO : 9365398

Build : 2008, Fincantieri Ancona, Italy, nr 6140

It’s a brand new vessel, build by the well-known and respected Fincantieri Yard and trading between Helsinki and Tallin. Apparently the vessel is painted this green color to emphasize the “Environmental friendly aspects of the ship’s design” (quote from Tallink Promotion material). I would really like to know how the people on both sides of the Gulf of Finland have nicknamed this vessel.

It might be environment friendly but it’s not so friendly to humans. I think a lot of people will be seasick, even before boarding the vessel. Migraine inducing is also something that pops up in my head.

2 good things about the color though: you will pay attention to this vessel, even if you really-really-really don’t want to. And the vomit going over the side from all the aforementioned seasick people will nicely blend in.

How long will it take before it’s painted white??

  1. searoj says:

    I can imagine the same discussion everytime when customs comes aboard.
    “No sir, we don’t have drugs onboard…. really, we don’t!”

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