Williston Transporter

Posted: 29 November, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Dunno source via the Interweb

Dunno source via the Interweb

Williston Transporter

IMO : 812712

Build : Central Interior Barging LTD., Prince George, BC, Canada, nr ???

I can’t find much information about this ship, nor can I find more (clear) pictures.

But what I do know: she is a Log/Equipment carrier, she is used on Williston Lake, BC, Canada & she has somekind of iceclass.

And she isn’t the prettiest workhorse around. So the lack of information might be for the better, same as the fact that she is only operating on Williston Lake.


Dunno source via Interweb

  1. Clive says:

    Additional Info: The Williston Transporter is 380 feet and has 4 engines each in its own engine room. The port and stbd engines are just aft of the forward engine and the aft engine is about 300 feet aft fairly close to the stern. Each engine has a Z-Drive in a “Moon Pool”. 2 generators are in a separate room near the forward engine. She has a central monitoring system interfaced on the bridge.

    All cargo is kept on the upper deck. Below decks is engine space, workshop, rigging, electrical room, fuel room (4 large cylinders). The rest is vast unused space.

    The Transporter can carry passengers.

    She is an ice capable flat bottom barge with a crew of ~15(?). Crew mess and galley are just below the bridge in the arch. The bow is a loading ramp. When carrying logs, she is beached and the ramp lowered on to a temporary road and steel hawsers run out each side to secure moorings on the beach/hillside. She carries 2 Volvo log loaders and 1 Caterpillar D9 for road making (as of 2005).

    The lake is very shallow so she follows the original river. Some years ago ice broke off one of the drive legs and it has never been recovered (the bottom is deep mud).

    She was built on the beach and once water tight, her crib was tilted and she slid into the lake.

    Once, while traveling slowly through ice on sea trials, we came upon a moose which had fallen through the ice and couldn’t get out. Beside the hole was her distressed calf. Some of the crew where able to pull the heavy and tired animal to safety where she and her calf promptly clomped off without some much as a thank you!

  2. seabart says:

    Thanks for the info Clive, it’s always nice to hear a bit info from an insider.

    I guess the Moose also had some good stories to tell when she got home!

  3. morgan says:

    hey i work on this vessel.. she’s back up and running as of sept 2015.. very ugly ship yes.. but the company invested next to 8 million into everything so its mostly brand new

  4. Clive Richey says:

    Hi, I may have some older pictures from my many visits to the Transporter. I’ll have a look. If I find any, where should I send/post them?

    Do you know if the old alarm/monitoring system was kept? I have the original software and settings for it.

  5. mikell says:

    hi chris any pictures of the engines and generators also is the accommodation single room or shared
    how much fuel does she use and is the control panel central or is each pod manually operated
    any info would be welcome

  6. Colin Smith says:

    So who is the owner of this ‘thing’? My buddy is one of the Skippers so I’d like to know about it. I was on the coast for decades until 2010 and never heard of it. Mystery ship.

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