Putford Puffin

Posted: 1 December, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by H. Snoo via www.tugspotters.com

Picture by H. Snoo via http://www.tugspotters.com

Picture by Peter Taylor via www.shipsandoil.com

Picture by Peter Taylor via http://www.shipsandoil.com

Putford Puffin

IMO : 7014385

Build : 1970, Scheepswerf Volharding, Foxhol, The Netherlands nr 168 as Barracuda

This used to be a salvage vessel, apparently she was quit versatile, handy & famous in her glory time, now, being at old age she spends her time as a guard & st-by vessel for the oil&gas platforms in the North Sea.

I don’t have much to say about this vessel….the only thing that came to in when I saw her for the first time was:

And the little tuggie went huffin’ and puffin’ and huffin’ and puffin’………

You almost expect to see a hand reaching down to pick her out of the water and start playing with it.

Here she is in her glory-days, the ugliness starts here:

Picture from collection W. Lokker via www.tugspotters.com

Picture from collection W. Lokker via http://www.tugspotters.com

  1. Vanessa Lock says:

    Hello , my name is Vanessa Lock and i have wanted to do marine engineering for nearly 6 years. I am now in year 11 at the Denes High School Lowestoft and trying to knuckle down as my past years havent been the best. My grandad Ray Lock was a marine engineer for Putfords in Lowestoft and so is my brother Ricky Lock. They have inspired me to want to do this job and as i would like to go to sixth form and take Applied science i am wondering what gcse’s i would need to be able to get a Apprentorship. if you could would please send me a message saying what grades i will need so i can aim for that as my goal . ThankYou .

  2. SeaBart says:

    Sorry Vanessa: I can’t help you here. I have no clue about the school system in the UK or about GCSE’s. But I’m sure there are people out there who can help you with that.

  3. P TAYLOR says:


  4. SeaBart says:

    I have send you an email via your mentioned emailadress.

  5. Hans says:

    Its very easy to comment that she is a ugly ship, you have to look what she was designed for, she was designed as a salvage vessel. She was in the early seventies one of the best salvage vessels of her time and salvage vessels are not designed to be beautiful but functional…….. So when she is still useful as a standby vessel with her age over 45 yrs, that means she was very well designed!

  6. Oli says:

    Well i’m currently sat in my cabin onboard the good old puffin, i’m an engineer on here and ive got to say at 46 shes still doing pretty well, she might not be a looker but shes a little work horse, but it did make me smile to see her on uglyships.com

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