Svitzer Bison

Posted: 2 December, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Svitzer Bison

IMO : 8982163

Build : 2003, Gemsan Gemi-Yard, Tuzla, Turkey, nr??? as Aytak

This little tug is build in Turkey, and it looks like that during the build of it the money ran out and they just went on to the street and stole some telephone-boots, welded them together and stuck them on top of that part of the “accommodation” that was already finished. Taadaaah: Job done!

And they didn’t do it once, nooohooo…presumably they liked that concept so much that they build a few more:

Here is one from the Svitzer Bison together with her sistership: the Svitzer Buffel

And here is another one: The Kaptan Faruk Canbolat (IMO : 9217345):

And probably there are a few more of these ugly creatures sailing around somewhere.

Its actually quit a miracle that they managed to squeeze all the necessary equipment and controls in that little wheelhouse and still kept enough space for a human being to operate it all. Still assuming the fact that said human being isn’t …uhm…fat??

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