Posted: 3 December, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by Manfred Müller

Picture by Manfred Müller ©


IMO : 7426057

Build : 1976, by Honda Sozen(?), Saiki, Japan, nr 634 as Blue Pegasus

Nowadays people refer to containervessels when they talk about box-ships, well; here you got a real old fashioned box-ship! That’s all what it is: A box on a something ship-shaped, filled with other smaller boxes on wheels. Apparently she started life as a general cargo ship and was later converted to a car-carrier. I guess the designers really did have a easy job drawing up this ugly thing.

I don’t know about you but to me this doesn’t really look like a safe vessel with enough stability but I can be wrong. After all: she has sailed the seas from 1976 till 2001 when she was broken up. Thank god!

Here is a picture showing her stern, not very clear but you get the drift…Butt-ugly!! (pardon the pun 😀 )

Many thanks to Manfred Müller who came up with the tip, provided the picture and all the information.

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