SPSL Sarah Service

Posted: 3 December, 2008 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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SPSl Sarah Service

IMO : 7230460

Build : 1973, by Richards Shipbuilders, Lowestoft, Uk, nr ??? as Shetland Shore

Seen here moored in Lowestoft in 2006, apparently the first time she visited Lowestoft after being build there in 1973. Time hasn’t been kind to her, when she left the place in 1973 she had a decent paintjob that made her a bit more inconspicuous than the colors she is wearing now.

My wife is quit good at fashions and colors and I hear her say on an almost daily base: “she/he shouldn’t be wearing that!” or “That sooo doesn’t suit him/her” Now I can say the same-ish: They shouldn’t have painted her like that! It only emphasizes the bland ugliness of her design.

Picture by Olaf Moen via www.tugspotters.com

Picture by Olaf Moen via http://www.tugspotters.com

Her current where-abouts are unknown, maybe for the better.

  1. Janet Foulger says:

    The Sarah Service is now back in Africa working

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