Posted: 5 December, 2008 by SeaBart in paintjob
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IMO : ???

Build : 2008, Unknown shipyard near Rome, Italy

Having more money than knowing what to with it : Guilty

Having more money than taste : Guilty

Wanna have a yacht but wanna stand out from the crowds : Guilty

Designed by Jeff Koons this yacht is a combination of a houseboat and the Dazzle-ships from WW1.

Dunno source via Christina S.

Dunno source via Anonymous (on request)

And you wonder why the unknown shipyard wants to be kept out of the spotlight??

I think the dazzle paint-schemes looked better on the old steamers from WW1 and was better kept to them & history.

SeeĀ  HERE for a poll about this little piece of (t)art.

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