Posted: 9 December, 2008 by SeaBart in paintjob
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IMO : 9333694

Build : 2006 by Aker Finnyards,Raumo Finland, nr 435

The Galaxy is owned & operated by Tallink, the same company as the earlier posted Superstar. That company does have a few strange paintjobs floating around.

A few things came up in my mind when I saw this one: The designer of this paintjob was either on cloud 9 or his head was in the clouds.

Anyway: the passengers will always be high in the sky with the clouds, without the use of illegal substances.

And for some reason a famous song by the Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamond keeps popping up in my head!

But I do love the penguins!!!

For those not in the knowing: Being on cloud 9 means being happy. his head is in the clouds means that his judgment is impaired.


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