Baltrum II

Posted: 12 December, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Baltrum II

IMO : 8136075

Build : 1966 by Julius Diedrich Schiffswerft, Oldersum, Germany, nr 98

This is only a small vessel so there isn’t much to talk about. But what there is is kinda very special!

Please let me explain:

This might be hard for newby-parents but a newly born baby isn’t that beautiful, sometimes they are even really-really-really not beautiful. And when you are there, visiting for the first time after the birth, holding the baby, their precious baby they will ask you full anticipation: Isn’t she/he gorgeous??? And you can’t say no, not if you wanna stay on friendly terms with them…so your political correct answer is: yes, she/he is a very special baby.….

Same goes for this one:  She is a very special little boat.

On above picture she even looks sad, very sad………..a bit Droopy-like.

And before you ask, here are Baltrum I, III & IV:

Baltrum I

Baltrum III

Baltrum IV

And they are not as ugly as nr II and that’s a good thing for the people inhabiting the isles they are sailing to & from.


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