Moby Lines

Posted: 15 December, 2008 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Moby Lines

Moby Lines is an Italian ferry owner operating on various routes between the Italian mainland and the isles of  Sardinie, Corsica & Elba. They have a interesting paintjob theme going on: The Looney Tunes are painted in various appearances on their vessels. And as I like cartoons  (a lot) I think these vessels are pretty nice! I have no idea what’s the story behind this deal with Warner Bros but I would like to know so if somebody knows: please drop me a line.

Here are pics of all the vessels in their current fleet (in no particular order whatsoever):

Moby Aki:

Moby Wonder :

Moby Freedom :

Moby Drea :

Moby Otta :

Moby Tommy :

Moby Fantasy :

Moby Vincent :

The following vessels  don’t have the Looney Tunes theme but have nevertheless interesting and/or funny paintjobs featuring the blue whale that’s Moby’s trademark.

Moby Love :

Moby Ale :

Moby Lally :

Bastia :

Giraglia :

Moby Baby :

  1. Jacek Parda says:

    the Moby Freedom is no longer in the Moby fleet :p

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