Smit Madura

Posted: 16 December, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Smit Madura

IMO : 8714891

Build : 1989 by Cantieri Navale Ferrari SpA., La Spezia, Italy, nr 68 as Salvatore

The Smit Madura, one of the vessels of the famous towing & salvage company from the Netherlands. Smit International was founded in 1842 and a lot of vessels have been flying their well known colors, some were real workhorses, some were very innovative and some were just bog-standard.

A lot of the vessels once belonging to Smit International are littered all over the world, still roaming  the seas under different flags/names/colors, some of them have even been turned into active museumvessels  or into yachts because they had such beautiful lines. This one clearly doesn’t have any beautiful line in her and has no future as a museumpiece or a yacht whatsoever.


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