Green Ships (part 1)

Posted: 17 December, 2008 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Green Ships

Today I wanna talk to you about green ships, not the environmental friendly ones (that’s a whole other story that fascinates a certain kind of people more than myself) but the ones painted green…puke-inducing green to be exact. I think they look horrible and I think the owners should be forced by law to paint them over in a more acceptable color.

See the examples above and below, I’ll also give you the names of the ships so when you get the message that one of them is coming into a port near you you can go all Green Peace at them: try to block them with Zodiacs and throw paint at them. It will only make them better looking.

First Candidate :

Berge Arzew, IMO : 9256597

Actually, when I picked this vessel it was purely for the vomitting-green color but now when I have a better look she is quit ugly. She might make a comeback here one day.

Second Candidate :

Jork (ex-Margaretha), IMO : 9234991

here is another one, this time 2 shades of green…..and then the name: JORK….rhymes on Do..! nuff said!

third Candidate :

Transmare & Lumare, IMO 9190171 & 9173161

Dunno Source via the Interweb

Dunno Source via the Interweb

Once these 2 vessels were this slight color green, just enough to make you go “Bweeeeek”, then they were sold and wat did the new owner do: he painted them!! Wise choice! but…..he made them also green!

Although this is quit acceptable!!

And then I also found this one, which I actually quit like.

CFL Patron, IMO : 9376464

Dunno Source via

Dunno Source via

One of a series of 9 for Canada Feeder Lines. a nice, fresh & crispy looking paintjob.

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