Carmel Bio-Top

Posted: 20 December, 2008 by SeaBart in ugly
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Carmel Bio-Top

IMO : 9267546

Build : 2004 by Estaleirod Navais de Viana, Castello, Portugal, nr 214 as Rio Yarkon

It has been mentioned already a few times in relation to this site: Dazzle Paint. The paint-schemes of merchant navy vessels used in WW1 to lure the U-Boat Captains. And now I found this vessel: The Carmel Bio-Top, a Dazzle paint-ship without the Dazzle painting scheme. Very disorientating to look at! Is she coming or is she going??

Or can this be a prime example of a ship how Salvador Dali would have painted it……..

And there is a second example as well: the Carmel Ecofresh.


Picture by Manuel Hernandez via

Now: about these names, don’t they sound awfully like a fresh yoghurty kind of drink from the dairy-section in your local supermarket???

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