Smit Capt.Bob

Posted: 26 December, 2008 by SeaBart in information, paintjob, ugly
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Dunno Source via

Dunno Source via

Smit Capt.Bob

IMO : 8020018

Build : 1982 by John Manly Shipyards, Vancouver, BC, Canada, nr ?? as Rivtow Capt.Bob

The first time I saw a picture of this ship I immediately thought it was suitable for this site as she looks like she is scowling, frowning, almost disapproving of you. And because she looked a bit unusual. Then, by accident, I bumped into more information about her and that turned out to be  quit interesting and even spectacular.

but first:  I also found a picture of her painted in a yukky greenish color. Definitely Ugly!!

Picture by Edward Whitebone via

She permanently tows a hugh logcarrying barge: the Rivtow Hercules (inseparable, like Siamese twins) and together they haul logs from the woods to the sawmills on the west coast of Canada.

Dunno source via

Dunno source via

The Hercules is a self loading barge making use of  her own cranes, the discharge of the logs is quit spectacular, see the movie!

You can find more info here:, click pictures and it’s the 17th from up. And there is loads more interesting things on that site.

More info HERE.

And this funny little fellow is a so-called dozer-boat:


Cute he??

  1. Graham Sharpe says:

    …Rivtow green is not ugly. Those used to be the best colours on the coast.

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