Posted: 3 January, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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IMO : 7349455

Build : 1974 by Gutehoffnungshütte Sterkrade AG Rheinwerft Walsum,Duisburg, Germany, nr 1112 as Ostertor

Old joke: what’s the definition of a camel??  answer: A horse designed by a committee!. That’s also the case with this vessel: <German accent on> The Scharhorn <German accent off>. She looks to have been designed to have to do all kinds of things ending up with a vessel that’s proudly presented by the Hotshots of the office as “Multipurpose” but can’t do anything properly. Much to the annoyance of the crew. Somewhere I heard the term Multi-useless, which seems appropriate.

Same goes for the paintjob: a mix off all desired colors ending in a psychedelic and confusing array of said colors.

You can almost hear the members of the Design-committee (imaging the German word for that!) bickering about the smallest details, nittpicking away! Everybody wanting to have their own say & their own way.

Btw: the german word for “Vessel Design Committee seems to be : Entwurf und Konstruktion von Schiffen Ausschuss. But please correct me if I’m wrong!


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