Docklift 1

Posted: 5 January, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Docklift 1

IMO : 7221562

Build : 1972 by Verolme’s Scheepwerf B.V., Heusden, The Netherlands, nr 822

A, for her time very technological advanced vessel this Docklift 1. Designed and build by/for a pioneer in the Dutch Heavylift-world mr B. van der Laan. She was semi-submersible for loading & discharging floating cargo’s and had two movable gantrycranes of 320 ton each. First sailing for Big Lift she later changed hands to my favourite heavylift company: Mammoet Shipping, Amsterdam and was renamed Happy Mariner.

And she was pretty….ugyly!!

She was scrapped in 1986

I found an interesting story about above picture which might be published on a later date on the site.

A small & irrelevant fact:  Mammoet Shipping was later sold by NedLloyd to Spliethoff  (both from The Netherlands) and the name was changed to…. Biglift Shipping.

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