Seaway Hawk

Posted: 9 January, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Seaway Hawk

IMO : 7725336

Build : 1978 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industried Ltd,  Japan,  nr 1102 as Pacific Constructor

A mustardy-brown-yellowish, that’s what I would call the color of her hull.  And that’s only the first ugly thing that caught my eye.  The eye is then pulled towards the accommodation which is a messy mix off all kind of things ships-related. The helideck then tops it off in a fashionable way fitting to the rest of the design.

The  scaffolding behind the accommodation and all the stuff on deck do suit the very messy forward section.

And here she is in a later stage of her life: now with even more stuff fitted to her, making the overall picture even more messy. But the color is now changed to a more desirable reddish tint.

Btw: that triangular looking thing above the helideck…is the helideck, hinged upwards, probably for giving the crane enough clearance to get to/from its seafast-position in the boomrest.

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