Queen Mary 2

Posted: 11 January, 2009 by SeaBart in non-ugly
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Queen Mary 2

IMO : 9241061

Build :  2003 by Chantiers de l’Atlantique,  Saint-Nazaire in France, nr G32

A complete new category on this site: Non-ugly ships: Ships of a design I approve of, that should be the blue-print for a lot more ships on this round thing we call earth. Ships I actually would like to sail on, to add to my CV.

The first one in this category is the Queen Mary 2, a truly magnificent vessel, oozing more class than all the other floating apartment buildings together.

Maybe it’s got to do something with the fact that the designers have drawn a more classical looking vessel compared to the modern ones.

Also: on a  lot of modern cruiseships there are a few decks on top of the bridge: not good in my humble opinion: I think the bridge should be on the highest deck on the bow.

The fact that there are no special thrills, no exorbitant features, no stricking attractions on this vessel helps to show the supreme attitude of the looks.

in a nutshell: this is a prime example of how a modern cruiseship should be designed. A real Non-Ugly Ship!

  1. costablue says:

    queen mary 2’s design is bold and elegant, mixing the style of the classic ocean liners with the utility of today’s cruise ships. truly beautiful.

  2. gerrysears says:

    Take her “Cunard” face off and her side views look like a lot of new ships: Holland America’s, Carnival’s, Costa’s. She has no sheer and seems too tall, to fit all those balcony cabins in. I guess a computer could work out proper sheer lines, if programmed to do that. She does not come close to the classy look of her namesake.

  3. QM says:

    QM2 is, by far, the most beautiful big cruiseship in service today. Not quite as elegant as QE2, but a worthy successor to wear the crown. The funnel is a bit short in proportion, and the white collar around it a bit too high, but otherwise its a stunner and ways better than the “white crowd”, and a lot prettier than the other two active Cunard Queens.

    I do not agree with gerrysears comment that it looks much like others once the paint is off. As for sheer, well, thats out of fashion. Technically not needed anymore, sheer is much less practical for interior design. Sadly, I must admit.

    I love this ship and am happy to say I sailed on her twice already and will do so again.

  4. Steph says:

    I don’t like those kind of ships!

  5. Candy says:

    I agree Steph

  6. Kevin Norris says:

    One thing that also makes her look good is that her bow looks sharper than the average cruise ship of today. The ONE blemish on her is the so called “conastazi stern”. It just looks out of place with the squared off transom suddenly becoming a cruiser stern. I know it is because of the azimuth thrusters on her (giant fancy outboard motors) need a transom stern.

  7. Vintage CCG says:

    One comment offers that “The funnel is a bit short in proportion”.
    In fact, the funnel was designed specifically to maintain sufficient air draft to clear under the Verrazzano Narrows bridge to get in and out of New York.
    For modern ships, funnels are largely cosmetic; however they serve tradition and branding purposes.
    This is a case of “form following function, which any maritime aficionado should appreciate, not criticize.

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