Ya Toivo

Posted: 13 January, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Ya Toivo

IMO : 7907697

Build : 1981 by ???, UK, nr?? as HMS Challenger K07

Converted : 1999

The Ya Toivo, a highly unusual vessel as it is: she is owned by The Beer in South Africa and is being used for the mining of diamonds on the seabed off the coast of Namibia.

This is a typical example of a conversion turned ugly: she is widened, accommodation is expanded and her aftship resembles a porky pine with all those things ticking out. But the most striking eyepoint of the vessel remained untouched: the bridge.

It’s almost unbelievable that diamonds, (THE girl’s best friend) are being mined by something that doesn’t even resemble a rough diamond.

Here is what she looked like when she was still part of the Royal British Navy:

And this is what Wikipedia has to say about her:

HMS Challenger was a unique vessel in Royal Navy service — she was purpose built to support deep sea operations and saturation diving. However, she was commissioned in 1984, during a time when the Royal Navy was cutting back on expenditure, with the consequence that the Challenger was seen as an extravagance that the Admiralty could not afford. As a consequence, after less than ten years service, the ship was laid up and offered for sale. The ship was purchased by a company called Subsea Offshore, to be converted for work decontaminating hazardous waste dumped in the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic.

Well, that didn’t happen….which is actually a good thing. So now instead of bringing obsolete highly hazardous waste to the oceans she brings back shiny & sparkly stuff from the oceanfloor. A happy job for an ugly ship.

here she is in blue, not much of an improvement though:

Dunno source via the interweb

Dunno source via the interweb

  1. She was built by scot lithgows in greenock,scotland and I was present at her launch in 1981 as part of a school trip.It was a big deal in the town as the proud ship yards were coming to an end and she was one of the last boats built by the yard. G

  2. adam griffin says:

    it was no ugly ship i worked on it 1981-87 Scott lithgow-cartsburn and gave me years of great pleasure just to be on it.The royal navie was at falt that the ship took to long to build thay wanted the ship up graided ever year thats why it was in the dock so long. The ship gave me 6 great years i was sad that the ship was sold.

  3. chad says:

    it 1 fucking ugly ship and shit 1 to work on!

  4. carl says:

    it was ok when I was on it in the R.N FOR OVER 4 YEARS, WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO IT NOW IS UP TO THE OWNERS.

  5. Maciej says:

    This ship was rebuild in Shiprepair Yard NAUTA in Gdynia, Poland

  6. Andy Gibson says:

    I served in the RN on this ship for two years from ’84-’86. Lots of good memories….and some not so good, but that’s life eh! Of all the ships I served on I enjoyed this one the most. It is a shame the subsequent owners have disfigured the ship to this extent, but again, that’s life and business is business. I will always remember how she once was. God bless Challenger!

  7. Max says:

    i was been at this vessel 2011-2012. now is diamond vessel. waiting for some job at Namibia, port Luderitz. This is greatest ship that i know. Diamond plant is 1 big peace of rust now, but vessel is amaizing!!! i’ll never forget it! Thanks for all crew who was keeping this vichcle

  8. Scouse says:

    I served on challenger as a diver whilst I was in the navy 1989 to 1990, I have very fond memories of being on her and all the divers. Scouse

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