Celebrity Solstice

Posted: 22 January, 2009 by SeaBart in monster
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Celebrity Solstice

IMO : 9362530

Build : 2008  by  Jos L. Meyer Werft, Papenburg in Germany, nr 675

Another entry in our ‘Monsters of the Seas”-category: The Celebrity Solstice; some whopping facts: 314.9 m long, 36.9m wide, a GT of 121.878, max speed 24 knots.  1500 crew take care of 2850 passengers: making the total population of this vessel (4350 souls) larger than lots of villages in the world.

She isn’t the largest cruiseship in the world, not by far: that honor goes to this one:

Freedom of the Seas

Her measurements:  303.2 * 39.0 m, 154.407 GT, 21.5 knots, 4370 passengers & 1360 crew

Quit hugh, impressive but I think the Celebrity Solstice oozes a bit more class……if you like these kind of ships.

However your opinion is: these 2 vessels and their sisterships are truly Monsters of the Seas. And apparently there are plans in existence for even larger cruisevessels.

  1. costablue says:

    celebrity solstice looks skeletal. Its front superstructure fades out abruptly into the open balconies that fill out the rest of the entire ship. add to that the clutter that it carries on its top – two thin funnels, a makeshift tent, visible fences on its pool area, and the enclosed top decks which contrast to the otherwise open balconies that stretches from the bow to the stern. i bet if this ship tilts to its side, it’ll sink out fast like a sponge. the stern also looks entirely like a staircase from the water to the roof without a break in the middle. and all being a thin ship (small breadth). it’s truly flimsy and ugly.

  2. costablue says:

    i forgot, the top enclosed deck seems to be supported by thin beams that looks like matchsticks!

  3. Johnny95 says:

    I don`t know who has told you anything about a fence and sponges, but your FENCE is a couple of awnings, and why shall it sink like a sponge? The cabins have doors, the people in balcony cabins don`t live outside like homeless… Furthermore Meyerwerft builds the most safe ships in the world. So if this tilts, god invented new physical rules, or the world dies. Look for right information before writing such wrong things!
    I think she`s pretty.

    And: The technical information about freedom of the seas is wrong: lenght 339m, width 47m.

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