Mighty Deliverer

Posted: 24 January, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by anonymous picture-takerer, only known to me

Picture by anonymous picture-takerer, only known to me

Mighty Deliverer

IMO : 7814539

Build : 1981 by Diamond M.C. Savannah, GA in the USA, nr 478 as Belcher Port Everglades

This monstrous whale-a-like looking tug came in via the Tip-hotline. It’s actually amazing how ugly it is….I’m just without words. She definitely delivers mighty on the ugliness front!

She has lived her life under various names, one if them was, believe it or nor: “Unbelievable”, even her then new & possibly proud owners were out of words when they laid eyes on her for the first time.

And to end things on a bit of a bombshell: apparently she is renamed into: Blue Wale 110……how appropriate!

Thank you mr Anonymous for sharing the pictures with us.

  1. Alex says:

    I would hope the ugly bow is to mate with a dedicated barge (and thus hide it from sight)!

  2. Neil says:

    She was originally owned by Belcher under the name of Port Everglades. Her and her sister ship, (I believe the Tampa which sank) were mated to barges that were bought by Maritrans now owned by OSG. The Deliverer went with the OSG 300 and the Tampa was with the OSG 400. I was an engineer on the first crew on the Constitution mated with the 400.

  3. bowsprite says:

    hmmm…what a disproportionately high number of anonymous photographers you attract! I can understand ship designers insisting on anonymonity…well, i’m guilty of submitting, too, under the cover of darkness…but I won’t say which ones, eh, SeaBart??

  4. seabart says:

    My mouth stays shut…….I dunno nothing!

  5. The Duke Of Nuke says:

    I’ve actually seen a craft with the exact same lines as this one sitting in Drydock in the Port of Tampa, Everytime I saw it, I was sure it could only be half a ship (could get a real great view in because I was always driving past, and made more sense to watch the road), but now these images have let me see the light. Never got the name of the ship, but it’s colors were not the same as above, so I doubt it was the “Mighty Deliverer”

  6. seabart says:

    mmmmmm……another one of these monstrous things. Oh dear! I’ll look into it and see what I can find out!!

  7. seabart says:

    There was indeed a sistership: the Belcher Tampa but she sank in the early 1980’s.

    It might have been a very similar vessel or this one in different colors.

    I’d love to know if you can find more info!

  8. StuartG says:

    She is so ugly, I can’t take my eyes off Her. There is a girl in Toddington who has the same effect. I am nearly 63 and imagine climbing all those steps to the bridge, only to find that I’d forgotten what I’d come for.

  9. StuartG says:

    A Turtle & Others v. Superior Trading Inc.
    19th JANUARY 2009

    Click to access Report_040_Turtle_SuperiorTrading_190109_60k.pdf

    This is a good read, it would seem that She is one of life’s unfortunates.

  10. StuartG says:

    Ref: my last
    Adapted from The Cape Times 21 February 2007

    Click to access PP%2020070221.pdf

    “A salvage expert wondered why Mighty Deliverer, with her short afterdeck that is suited more for river or
    lake operations, was considered suitable for a tow across the South Atlantic, notorious for heavy seas and
    Thus Zouros Hellas, the first tug to attempt to salvage A Turtle in June last year, Mighty Deliverer with”


  11. miho says:

    Mighty is ugly as her owner. We had a lot of trouble when she performed towing together with rubby deliverer. Few times in meditterranean we were vbery close to be aground. She can not steer if the wind is over 10 knots. she must have Rubby ahead to move her bow in desidered course. Also luck of power. With the wind of 30 knots near Alboran island rig with was making the way back insted that both of them pulling Mighty and Rubby. Mighty and Rubby must be scraped and her owner inprisoned due to corrupcy.

  12. Jerry Maillian says:

    I saw the barge Tampa Belcher was towing when she sank at Alabama Drydock in Mobile
    where she went for repairs. The story I was told was that the tug was attempting to
    back out of the notch to tow the barge on a hawser because of the rough seas. An engine room door had been left open, and the engine room downflooded,. leaving the tug without power. Following seas slammed the tug repeatedly into the notch and the hull was holed in several places and she began to sink. The crew abandoned her and took refuge in the deckhouse on the barge, where they remained for several days until the weather abated enough for the Coast Guard to fly a helicopter out to rescue them.

  13. capt mike says:

    I was capt on this tug&barge for a few years. We had no problems. The tug Tampa did sink, not trying to get out of the notch, but pounded the barge till the hull was breached.

  14. capt mike says:

    Any old crew members from this vessel please contact me capt mike

  15. Carey Akin says:

    I sailed on this one when she was still the BELCHER PORT EVERGLADES.

  16. capt mike says:

    which Capt did you have Carey??

  17. Carey Akin says:

    Mike, I can’t remember. Was it you? I was onboard in ’88, maybe also in ’87. I was third engineer, and onboard when we made the trip out of the notch to Tampa and lost the barge when the 2nd engineer accidently released the air brake. My last hitch was when the barge was being drydocked and we were doing topside repairs in Port Arthur.

  18. Charlie Goodsell says:

    Capt. Mike, I was with her as she was built at Diamond Manufacturing and sailed with her until 2003 when Belcher laid me off.

  19. Pavel says:

    I worked on this vessel in 2006.Was under arrest in Kape Town

  20. Michael says:

    The pictures shown, I believe, are of the Belcher Port Everglades. It was the first of the 2 built at a tiny, no longer in existence shipyard in Savannah, GA called Diamond Shipyard. The 2nd one was the Belcher Tampa and the above messages are correct; it sank in rough weather in 1983. I was on the original crew of engineers on both vessels. I even saw both through construction and delivery into the Belcher fleet. I sailed on both but was home on leave when the Tampa sank. I have always had my doubts about how it occured. The company was relatively small and local when it got bold and built these two ocean going tugs Although they weren’t really tugs but floating machinery spaces. They had 14,000 HP Burmeister and Wain diesels and state of the art supporting machinery. When the tug was in the notch of the barge, it was like an ocean going vessel. The downfall was when the ships were put into service Belcher manned them with their drunken, lazy, good ol’ boys from their small harbor tugs. These guys weren’t ready for prime time. Many were just too lazy and drunk to be of any service. It required a concentrated, cooperative effort to put the tug securely in the notch of the barge. Most of the deck hands wouldn’t help us and many times only 2 of us were doing what was a 3-4 man job. I wonder if this was the case with the Belcher Tampa; it just wasn’t secured properly and couldn’t remain in the notch in moderate seas. Well the company went under soon after.

  21. G Velasco jr says:

    Wow, this has gotten me really confused despite a prev head injury that messes with my memory but, I have hanging on my wall as part of my rememberance to my Dad a ship’s life ring that came from a Belcher/Coastal vessel which sank that my Dad was engineer on in the early 80’s. It’s stenciled: M/V Port Everglades Miami….. He talked sometimes about Rogue wave and the storm.

  22. Capt. Mike Hutcheson says:

    To G Velasco Jr. I sailed with your Dad for many years. I was even at his home.Good man.

  23. Mark A Gagliano says:

    I worked on both these vessels, started as an Electrician and later C/E on the Everglades. I was onboard the Tampa when she sank, I sailed these vessels from 82 – 95. I know for certain what caused her to sink! Would love to hear from old crew members.

  24. Capt Mike says:

    This is Capt Mike Hutcheson. Sailed a lot together. Regardsm

  25. Mark A Gagliano says:

    Hello Capt. Mike, Long time no hear, hope all is well. You still leaving up in Wisconsin? I finally retired in 2012, calling Blairsville Ga. home now.
    When Maritrans finally sold the old Port Everglades, of course at this point she had been renamed the Unbelievable, she had sat in mud at what was called City Dock. I was contacted by the new owners, they wanted to hire me to show them how to crank the beast up. She had been towed down to the Dominican Republic. They where willing to pay $1000 per day, unfortunately I was on tour and heard I’d probably have to spend a couple hundred a day just to stay safe down thier, not my cup of tea! Anyway, that was the last involvement I had with the old girl, lots of good memories though!
    On a crazier note, I have a younger sister out in LA. She’s a successful screen writer. I shared with hear a little bit about the Tampa sinking, she thinks it would make a good story for a book, who knows! I remember some of the fellows names on thier but not all. Take care old buddy, not sure if this site shares email address so here’s mine. m_gagliano@msn.com

  26. Capt Mike says:

    Great to hear from you. I play golf 3 times a week. Lake on one side of me,golf course on the other. Have 16 ft electric pontoon. 1/50 the size of the ship. Lots of ?s. mikehutcheson59@gmail.com

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