Green Ships (part 2)

Posted: 27 January, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Green Ships

Here we go on another episode of my Don Quichote-queste against green ships. Not that I’m acting against Al Gore & co but just the nausea inducing painted versions of the well known floating things. (See the first part here) The action-plan for this time:  stage a protest outside the headquarters of the owners of said vessels and force them to repaint their vessels in a more acceptable color. Specially written protest songs are welcome!

The pictures above show the ferries Rola do Mar (IMO : 9418212) and Pato Real (IMO : 9418224) , both working between Setubal & Troia, sickening people all around their place of work.

Dunno source via the Interweb

Dunno source via the Interweb

Next candidate:

Marcin, IMO : 7020968

A little tug but with great actions: loads of people felt pretty sick when they laid eyes on her, significantly more than the number of people who got seasick on her.

followed by :

Fairmount Glacier, IMO : 9344796

A Dutch towing company, trying to cash in on the historic tug-stories from Smit & Wijsmuller from the old ages and to jump in the gap those companies left open. To start making a name for them self they decided to paint their powerfull new tugs in a rather distinguishable colorscheme. History made already, although for the very-wrong reasons.

And there are 6 ships in total polluting the seas with this “colorfull” paintjob.

And another one:

BW Challenger, IMO : 9002491

Under 2 different names (BW Challenger & Berge Challenger) and featuring two shades of green: this gastanker is making you sick in very different ways. Although it might be the circumstances that cause the difference in shade of the paint, it doesn’t make you less sick though.

And last but not least (for now):

Delfin, IMO : 9173161

To stand out from the usual crowd: a variation to the theme! This vessel doesn’t have a green hull: instead everything above the hull is painted green. 10 points for the idea, 0 points for the color….

Well….that’s puked enough for today! Please let me know when you are recovered and I’ll out the next batch online.

  1. Kevin Norris says:

    I’ve always liked the Fairmount class ships.

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