Abeille Bourbon

Posted: 28 January, 2009 by SeaBart in non-ugly
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Abeille Bourbon

IMO : 9308687

Build : 2005 by Myklebust Verft AS, Gursken in Norway, nr 39

No, don’t worry, not an ugly ship: this is one for the non-ugly category. The Abeille Bourbon is an ETV, an Emergency Towing Vessel stationed in Brest in the English Channel and together with her sister Abeille Liberte she forms the pride of the Abeille-fleet.

And this is again a prime example of how to design a vessel with pleasing looks. Designers: pay attention and have a good look!!

She almost looks like an expensive yacht………and who knows: maybe one day she might end up as one.

  1. elioti says:

    beautiful ship!!!

  2. Wytze Buitenrust Hettema says:

    She isn’t ugly, she is the new beauty queen of tugs

  3. SeaBart says:

    Nobody stated anything about her being ugly, did they?

  4. THe design is sleek, yes! (^^)
    Moreover, this ship works wonderful on very rough seas.

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