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IMO : 7415137

Build : 1976 by Elsflether Werft A.G., Elsfleth in Germany, nr 394 as Schnoorturm

This vessel wasn’t originally build like this, she had a totally different accommodation block but that was changed in 1987 after the vessel was burned out in 1986. Originally she looked like this:

Picture by P. A. Kroehnert via

Picture by P. A. Kroehnert via

A bit more standard looking accommodation / bridge.

The new accommodation definitely isn’t an improvement, the front looks like it’s taken from a much smaller harbour tug while the aft resembles the white Cliffs of Dover with a car showroom on top.

Picture by Hans Neels via

Picture by Hans Neels via

One thing is for sure: this is a tug with balls….correction: ball!

Recently she was spotted in Flushing, the Netherlands with this contraption in tow:

Eide Barge 33

IMO : 8977948

Build : 1993 by Aker Yards, Oslo in Norway, nr ??

As far as barges go this one is pretty ugly as well, the two of them make a very nice pair together!

Unknown I had also lined up the sistership of the Statesman for a post here on this site because of her “beautiful classic” lines and her colorful paintjob.

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