Stolt Nielsen Seaway

Posted: 30 January, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Stolt Nielsen Seaway

This company (previously known as Stolt Offshore), specialized in offshore-related vessels has created a large portfolio of vessels that can only be describes as ugly, and given them a terrible paintjob as well. Either one of these vessels on her own would deserve a personalized post on this site however it would become very boring here then for the next month or so because only yellowishish vessels would be featured. So I dumped a selection of them in one post, easy for me, not so boring for you!

ps: the ships above are the Seaway Commander & the  Seaway Condor.

Seaway Eagle

Seaway Falcon

Seaway Harrier

Seaway Hawk

Seaway Kestrel

Seaway Osprey

Seaway Pelican

Seaway Stephaniturm

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Seaway Perm

Seaway Sandpiper

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Dunno source, via the Interweb

The company probably realised the bad name they had on the paintjob-front and has been renamed to Acergy in 2006. In the mean time also repainting all the vessels in a more acceptable & fashionable red. You can (almost) never go wrong with red.

  1. jon Griffiths says:

    They may have had ugly vessels but as a saturation diver working on these vessels I can with authority state that Seaway diving was the best company I ever worked for and the best group of work mates I ever had over my 15 years in the North Sea Happy gone days

  2. Phil Thompson says:

    As the diving superintendant on the first Seaway Eagle, we had the best crew and equipment money could buy. no one ever quit on our crew. It was the best of the best right to the end.

  3. Glenn Massie says:

    I was on the Swan (1979+ -) and still think she was the best . With a double leg launch bells, I’ve been on over the side launch and moon pool systems.

  4. Ray Bulloch says:

    I worked on the first Seaway Eagle, Hawk and Swan in the North Sea and India. I agree with all of the above.

  5. Nigel Webb says:

    I was on the Hawk 1977-1979. Great days and great runs ashore!

  6. Chris Gardiner says:

    Hi my name is Chris Gardiner.I worked on the Seaway Hawk ,Eagle and Swan.I lve in Canada now just wondering if i can contact some of my old dive buddies!Mike Murhpy and i worked alot of a time as a team.He lives in Costa Rica now

  7. Peter Banner says:

    I was on the Seaway Eagle, Hawk and Falcon 1974 -1980. Indeed, what great times. Still in touch with Martin Woodward.

  8. Odd Nergård Skaug says:

    Very good company! I was captain on “Seaway Falcon” a period in 1976. I miss photos from “Seaway Swan”, an H-3 diving/construction/firefighting platform bilt in Finland 1976-77. I was platform manager/captain during building phase. Later “Seaway Swan” was converted to a drilling rig and is now the “Transocean Marianas”.

  9. Iain Rankin says:

    I worked on the conversion of the Seaway Falcon in Mactan Island Shipyard, Philippines in 1992 from Petrel drill ship to a Flexible pipelay down the moon pool and later a Rigid J lay over the aft stinger. Later we fitted aft crane and a fully automated rotating friction welding machine line. All these ships are hard working vessels and our job is to make them function not to make them pretty.

  10. Ray Bulloch says:

    Ron Church ………. do you remember the run ashore we had in Bombay when
    we were on the Seaway Hawk?

  11. Chris Gardiner says:

    Hi Ron
    Yes I remember that run ashore ! It was epic!! Hope you are keeping well. I live in Vancouver now. Been here sine I left Seaways. Murphy lives in Costa Rica



  12. Bob Gardiner says:

    I worked on the original Eagle, the Swan, Condor, original Falcon and Pelican from 1979 to 1994. They were great vessels for offshore diving. I was very happy working on them as LSS and medic. I think to describe them as ugly is because the writer doesn’t understand what they did.

  13. SeaBart says:

    uhm…..sorry to burst your bubble: Master / SDPO on Diving Support, SubSea Construction & Offshore Support vessels. I do think I know what I’m talking about.

  14. Spy Naps says:

    This ship looks like a pile of the most useless things put together!

  15. Tim Grififths says:

    After watching the film Kursk while travelling back to NZ, where I now live, I was interested to see what had happened to the old Seaway boats. I was on the Hawk late 70’s early 80’s, ending up in Bombay with messrs Luck, Schwab, Gardiner, Murphy, Church et al. As you say, in those days it was a great company to work for and the runs ashore with the lads was some of the best times I have ever had.

  16. John Morgan says:

    I worked on the original Seaway Eagle during the 70s. You were a great supervisor Phil Thompson. We were a great crew back then. Just wish I had kept contact with everyone.

  17. Judy Cardenas Ponce says:

    Wow! The Seaway Eagle brings back great memories of having had the opportunity to work on that ship yrs ago with a great crew. I have to wonder if it is the exact same ship, as the time I am recalling, was in the 80s. But I definitely recall the company was Stolt Nielsen and the ship was the Seaway Eagle..a dark yellow color.
    I had to go to Louisiana from Texas, to get to the ship. I helped out in the galley and cleaning.
    It was a fun job and good experience. I also recall how dangerous it could get at times, like when the ship began getting pulled towards the oil platform, due to a rope breaking loose then wrapping around the propeller. The Captain got us to safety until help arrived. During ship repairs in New Orleans, the crew enjoyed the city outings, for a few days.

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