Far Grimshader

Posted: 31 January, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Far Grimshader

IMO : 8110992

Build : 1983 by Ulstein Verft AS, Ulsteinvik in Norway,  nr 179 as Stad Scandia

The builder and designer of this vessel: the Ulstein-company started in 1917 as a small yard and is now a worldwide operating company and has designed & produced hundreds of succesfull vessels. Many of their designs are now also build by shipyards all over the world. This vessel is one the early designs of the famous UT-supply ships and it’s also the ugliest. From the front it looks like it is designed using only a ruler, from the back it seems very small compared to the rest of the ship.

Actually, it’s exactly the opposite of the Statesman I posted about earlier.


Picture by Rick Folkerts via http://ijmond.web-log.nl

I have no idea about how many vessels of this particular designs are sailing the seas, I only seem to know one more:

VOS Sympathy

IMO : 8107177

Build : 1982 by Ulstein Verft AS, Ulsteinvik in Norway,  nr 178 as Northern Fortress

First used as a supplier, then a cablelayer and now a diving support vessel but still ugly.

  1. Hans H says:

    Ocean Spirit is the same hull

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