Viking Queen

Posted: 31 January, 2009 by SeaBart in special
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Dunno source via the Iinterweb

Dunno source via the Interweb

Viking Queen

IMO : 9372901

Build : 2008 by West Contractors AS, Ølensvåg in Norway, nr 29

Again not an ugly ship this time but a highly unusual ship: The Viking Queen. If you didn’t know better you would say that this is a general cargo ship, a bit unusual but not really special. This, in fact, is a supplier….a ship that should, by default, have had her accommodation on the foreship. Not here though, the designers did some outside-the-box thinking (or drugs) and came up with this design.

Dunno source via

Dunno source via

And: to make it even more special: she isn’t powered by a regular fuel-burning engine but by one that’s running on LNG! Yup, she is environmentally friendly!

A sistership is currently being build: the Viking  Lady.

Dunno source via

Dunno source via

I remember reading about a similar vessel years ago in a maritime magazine of some kind, stating that this design was the newest & bestest but I never heard or saw anything of it again. I guess I was reading about this vessel: Viking Avant.

Same design-principles but powered by a regular fuel-guzzling engine.

Will this design cause a revolution in the supply-vessel world or is it just a wrinkle on the oceans??

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