Posted: 2 February, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Picture by Will van Dorp via tugster.wordpress.com


Dunno source via tugster.wordpress.com


IMO : n/a

Build : 1953 by Higgins Co., New Orleans, La in the USA, nr 11977

Quit an artistic paintjob, this one…although paintjob: apparently it’s a sticker-job! Done for a noble cause (see www.portraitsofhope.org), with good intensions: it’s still a freaking ugly paintjob to look at….even if it is called Art.


Picture by Bonnie via frogma.blogspot.com

Bonnie who took above picture also used the word peacockification for it…veryveryvery appropriate!

And here she is after a partial “de-peacockification” (word stolen from Will this time)


Picture by Will van Dorp via tugster.wordpress.com

Thanks to Christina (Bowsprite) who tipped me to Tugster, who directed me to Frogma.

And if I’m correct is this how she looked before the whole arty thing started:

Muuuuuuch better this way!

  1. bowsprite says:

    SeaBart! I LIKE this one! I just did my living room in this scheme!!! haarrumpf.

  2. Bonnie says:

    It was definitely entertaining, but it was terribly, terribly frivolous for a dignified workboat! Sorta like a draft horse dolled up like My Little Pony, y’know?

  3. searoj says:

    Nice project tho.
    Strange that it looked nice on the cabs and even on that airplane, but indeed to frivolous on a tug.

    I like the pony comparison 🙂
    My first tug from Toys-R-Us !

  4. rick o'shea says:

    will van dorp THANK YOU for a great web site long time admirer and lover of TUGS i so enjoy your love of all things maritime……RICK O’SHEA

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