C-Tractor 8

Posted: 3 February, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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C-Tractor 8

IMO : 8875437

Build : 1994 by North American Shipbuilding Inc. , Larose, Louisiana in the US of A, nr 147

This tug and her sisters belong to Chouest but are employed by the American Navy to assist their departing & returning vessels. They are not the most pretty tugs but there is actually not much ugly about them, although they are more ugly than beautiful.

BUT: the reason they are featured here: they have little sidewheels on them! Probably so she can’t fall over…..just like I had on my bike when I was a little boy. Oh boy……how embarassing!

  1. Kevin Norris says:

    Side wheels? I’ve seen this ship in real life in San Diego Bay and I have never noticed side wheels on her, not the prettiest tug but she gets the job done. If some clarification could be provided I would much appreciate that.

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