Red Osprey

Posted: 6 February, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Red Osprey

IMO : 9064059

Build : 1994 by Ferguson Shipbuilders, Port Glasgow, Scotland in the UK, nr 607

Is it a new Ikea Store, floating, so it can come to you to sell you more stuff?? NO! Is it a flat-packed boat, now assembled but forgotten to take the packaging off?? NO! It’s just an advertising scheme to announce a new Ikea Store…..I sincerely hope they will repaint her as soon as possible!

PIcture by Andrew Cooke via

Picture by Andrew Cooke via

Last year this ship was also in the news, targeted by grey squirrels, the name of the company was overwritten with graffiti and changed to: Red Squirrel.

Read more about that act of vandalism here and here.

I wonder if we hire those grey squirrels to change the current livery to something less ugly & banal.


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