Golden Star

Posted: 7 February, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Golden Star

IMO : 8952857

Build :1995 by Wuhu Jiangdong Shipyard, Wuhu in China, nr ?? as Orient

An odd looking vessel this Golden Star, it looks like they have just taken an old barge and slapped an accommodation on her. I have no idea how good her seakeeping conditions are and I also have no intention to find out but if I was on that vessel I wouldn’t venture out to sea if the waves were higher than 30 cm……that’s never then!

That accommodation also looks like one of those towers you find around hugh prisoners-camps in the old days.

btw: the view from the wheelhouse can’t be really good with those containers stacked as high as they have done here.

  1. costablue says:

    it’s a miracle this ship still floats at all with all the containers.

  2. FOYEN says:

    Among medium gen.cargo ships, I like the ones built in mid 90s – with low freeboard, tall but short accommodation & tall funnel behind, like my most favourite of that kind is Thule (

    But this shiP is just way too over the top for my liking!!! >.<

  3. SeaBart says:

    @Foyen: I also thougth those ships like the Thule to be the most horrible Dutch “standard” design ever made. They started off as small coasters but grew & grew over the years, bridge stayed the same size (tiny), accomodation got higher. The ships got longer but never much more wider. Terrible longitudinal strength, questionable stability & horrible to work with.
    Check out the Wagenborg (captain-owners) fleet for examples!

    Ugly ships in all but their appearance!

  4. FOYEN says:

    Yep, the latter ones look just plain boring/ugly/typical, like Merweborg.

    Another OTT ship:

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