Our Lady Of Medjugorje

Posted: 8 February, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Our Lady Of Medjugorje

IMO : 7819802

Build : 1979 by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Numakuma in Japan, nr 440 as Shinka Maru

The name of this vessel is relating to the apparitions of the blessed Mother Maria in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a beautifull name for this vessel. Build as Shinka Maru, which, by the way means something like Evolution Moon. She looks like an ordinary ferry, like any other ferry out there in the world but what’s with the outside stairs & balconies?? I didn’t know it was allowed!

And where are they leading??

  1. costablue says:

    the oversized ramp and the ramps/stairs built onto the side of the ship does not make sense. why build them outside when you can keep them inside, unless, they don’t have stairs inside at all! it’s redundant and wasteful and achieves nothing more.

  2. spicyhands says:

    this ship has a very good interior,try to on this one time..and ul get amazed with this ferry,this ferry owned by aboitiz,superferry..^_^

  3. Medjugorge says:

    The Our Lady of Medjugorge is a well-loved ship in the Philippines. She was formerly owned by the Carlos A. Gothong Lines, and was later passed on to the WG&A Philippines shipping consortium, and lately Aboitiz Transport System. However, she was sold to an Indonesian company on 2009.

    She is not ugly. In case you didn’t know, the external passenger ramps are for fast loading and unloading of passengers.

    Come think of it. Which is more convenient when boarding a ship? Going inside a ship and using the stairs “inside” (which will lead you to many corridors and narrow passageways), or using external stairs which takes you directly to your designated accommodation?

    In case you didn’t know, those external stairs are OFF LIMITS when the ship is underway. It is only used when passengers embark/disembark.

    That “oversized” ramp is used for ports with no “RoRo ramps” (linkspans or other things like that are not used in the Philippines)… and is essential in loading rolling cargo during low tide.

    Most of the larger passenger ferries in the Philippines uses side passenger ramps. The smaller ones use ramps at the stern, for they mooring Mediterranean-style. (Mediterranean mooring, astern)

    Don’t judge a ship by its looks. It’s seaworthy.

  4. vinze says:

    useless blog.. better study ships and its layout…
    better dedicate this to yourself rather than “ugly ships” as what your’e saying…

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