Blue Ships

Posted: 12 February, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Blue Ships

Today I wanna talk to you about blue ships, blue is the (temporary) new green, green is out, blue is in, at least, for the moment. With the ships pictured in this post I will show you that also the sensitive color blue can be abused misused on ships. Don’t get me wrong, I like blue, usually blue is a nice & good color but on these vessels it’s not!

Above & below pics are of the Aurora & the Lamnalco Malkoha.

Babyblue is soooooo not a good color for a ship!

The following contestant:

Alexandros Vergos

Just the wrong mix of yellow and blue, too bad, no cigar this time!



This one has been shown in a previous post (here) but as she is soooo ugly I decided to give her another go.

Followed by:

Blue highlights are also sooo not done!

Another one featuring the same highlights:


Here is one that looks ta bit oddish:



Picture by Andre Korver via

Picture by Andre Korver via

And last but not least:

It is green-blue-ish or is it blue-green-ish??.

Coastal Worker


A bit too¬† much baby-colored for my taste………

And then there is also the big giant babyblue Maersk as well!

just 2 examples:

Maersk Chignecto

Emma Maersk

  1. tugster says:

    blue is the color of NYC police launches. also check this one out… i saw it in NYH a month after its launch . . . my pic doesn’t do justice, but this is a regal blue. i saw it a year later, and YES it had faded.

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