Nesco Reefer

Posted: 12 February, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Nesco Reefer

IMO : 7368621

Build : 1976 by Eide Contracting, Hoylandsbygd in Norway, nr 98 as Atle Jarl

This vessel is a complete mishmash of all kinds of vessels, judging from the lines the hull is made out of 2 parts coming from a different ship with probably the only thing in common was the width. On the bow they have put a heavy derrick kind of thingy, looking as ugly as the two of the Storman Asia but less powerful.

The stern looks like it’s coming from a different ship altogether, where the rest of the ship is curvy, the stern is squared.

And on the portside they added a sideloader that probably just was laying around, just for the sake of it.

And you know what: she is not a general cargo ship, as you would expect but she is a reefer, a big floating deep freezer, and a real ugly one for that matter!

Oh, and as a small consolation: she is now painted red instead of the green, and you know how I think about green!



  1. Jan Yttereng says:

    Originally the ship was grey and owned by “Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskap” in Trondheim, Norway. In 1976 I was 16 and my first job was in the engine room of this ship. It sailed the Norwegian coast, from Kirkenes down to Stavanger, stopping at almost any small and larger city on the Norwegian cost, loading anything from fish to aluminium. Then from Stavanger it went to Hamburg, the Kiel canal and up to Helsingborg in Sweden, before heading for Grimsby in England where they loaded tractors. Then across the North Sea to Stavanger and up the Norwegian coast.

    Yes, maybe the ship looks ugly, but it could ride 20 meter high waves in a hurricane on the North Sea so I see it in a different way. The first place away from mom, where a young boy learned to be independent, and learned that work isn’t quite like they said in school.

    Thank you for sharing this photo!

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