Results of the Ulstein X-Bow design Poll

Posted: 15 February, 2009 by SeaBart in personal
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Results of the Ulstein X-Bow design Poll

Right, here they are, after a bit of delay because of a very hectic but nice weekend…

The public (all 41 of them) has spoken about the X-Bow design, the decision is made, the results are in….(imagine some drum-roll now)

6th : I’m not slightly bothered

Indeed you are not!

5th : I support SeaBart: Halfugly

Thanks for the confidence vote anyway!

4th : Yuck, yuck, yuckerdeyuk, Ugly as sin!

Apparently it is not as ugly as I expected it to be.

3rd : New technology rulezzzzzzzzzzz!

Not bigtime though.

2nd : Form follows function!

Indeed it does, going the wrong way!


and the drum-roll goes a bit faster…….

1st : Cool, I like it! Gimme more!

Well, just wait and observe and the X-bow design will conquer the waves, just as the first users of this design, the Vikings did!

2 of the voters didn’t agree with my preset answers so they came up with their own opinions:

Fantastic. A true designer ship. Looks like a shoe.


If it works, does it matter what it looks like?

uuuuhhhh……YES! to both of them!

I didn’t expect it but now it’s official: It is very cool design and the ships are posted here under false pretentions. But I won’t remove them and I will post new ones when they come up because it might be cool, it still is odd/strange/weird and they still deserve a place on this site!

Thank you for your cooperation and attention and let’s get on with the regular stuff here!

See original post and poll here.

  1. Joe says:

    Looks like a floating dildo. Ugly as a hat full of arseholes.

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