Posted: 17 February, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : 8700876

Build : 1988 by Götaverken Arendal AB, Arendal in Sweden, nr ??

OK, let’s take a box, a reallyreally big & strong one, let’s round off the corners somewhat, put some hugh engines in it propelling 2 oversized wingnuts. And then put a box on top of it and another one, and put one on top of them. Cut some toilet roll in half and glue them to the sides of the last box and Presto: we have got ourself an icebreaker!!

Oh, and don’t forget we need a funnel as well……………..another toilet roll bites the dust!

  1. Itix says:

    HEY! 😦
    Thats the pride of Sweden!

    We even had angry scientists and our government fight about her. Sure, she is not very pretty (actually, she is super ugly) but she is still the darling of our (aging) ice breaker fleet!

  2. abv says:

    And one of the best in the world, the first non-nuclear icebreaker to reach the northpole. She has been helping the Mcmurdoc base in Antarctic and can do pretty much anything.

  3. bowsprite says:

    …then she is beautiful!
    I would not have known about her if she did not make the highly selective process which places her here in the Pantheon, complete with 360° views from which we can worship her.
    Probably comfortable for crew, and an object of supreme beauty for human denizens of McMurdo.
    A laurel, Oden!

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