Norwegian Gem (updated)

Posted: 26 February, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Norwegian Gem

IMO : 9355733

Build : 2007 by Meyer Werft GmbH, Papenburg in Germany, nr 670

Another cruiseship operator trying to pimp spice up their floating apartment buildings by painting something fancy on the sides…why?? It doesn’t add anything to the cruise experience, unless you actually get real diamonds as a souvenir!

The graphics remind me of a very addictive computergame: Bejewelled…did you ever play that game?? Don’t because you will be ruined for life!

And there is another one:

Norwegian Pearl

As I said: very addictive……that is the game, not the ships!

Update (26-02-2009):

And here is a similar decorated vessel, this time with a greenish (yuk) thingy!

Norwegian Jade

IMO : 9304057

And this is how she looked before, under a different name, with flowers & half naked women:

Pride of Hawai’i


  1. Fabio Coelho says:

    You’re simply stupid, what you see in these ships is ART, you know what this word means??! OK, I’ll explain you each paintjob: NORWEGIAN GEM – The painting is just gems, you’re right, they remind the “Bejewelled”, and if the game will be ruined for life, I don’t know, you decide it. But if you think that painting is “fancy” and “ridiculous” as you say, GET OFF from that idea! It’s nothing more than ARTISTIC IMPRESSIONS!!!
    NORWEGIAN PEARL – Same thing as above. It shows colored stripes and pearls, just to give an ARTISTIC IMPRESSION!
    NORWEGIAN JADE – That “greenish thingy” is still to be ARTISTIC IMPRESSION.
    PRIDE OF HAWAII – Flowers and half naked are traditional symbols of the Hawaii, that’s why they’re shown on that hull. Again: It is ARTISTIC IMPRESSION, it JUST depicts the name of the ship!

    That’s all. I wish I wouldn’t find this post, but I just can’t pass away and see my favorite ships being RIDICULARIZED IN PUBLIC!!! KEEP YOUR IDEAS FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS, NOT TO THE WORLD!!!
    Why you don’t look for the paintings’ meanings? Much probably you’ll understand why they were painted there.


  2. seabart says:

    ROFLOL @ Fabio!

    At first I thought to delete this comment but then I decided against it, everybody is entitled to his her opinion and is free to express it….as do I, as do you!

    And it doesn’t matter how RIDICULARIZED that opinion is.

    Oh, and please look up the words funny & ironical in the dictionary.

  3. Johnny95 says:

    I just agree with Fabio: it`s art. not everything must have a technical use, and my favorite ships are these, too. Especially the pride of hawaii was. I was very sad when theygave her the new colors.

  4. citrail says:

    I disliked the “hull-art” when I first encountered it, but now I really like it, I think some of them are great and sets these blandish modern cruise ships apart.
    The only thing to add is that it’s going to take a “Master-stroke” to make Norwegian Epic look anything other than what it is, the ugliest cruise ship ever!

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