Posted: 1 March, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : 8208854

Build : 1984 by Swan Hunter Shipbuilding & Engineering Group Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, nr 120 as CSO Orelia

Flat, flaterdeflat, flatter than flat….and build like a box with a bit of rounding going on the front. Diving is the game for this vessel and as the diving is done while the vessel is on DP, thus laying still, I guess she doesn’t need a hydrodynamical perfected hull for that. But she did turn out as a very flat & ugly vessel.

I can see a future for her as a pancake ship, dedicated to producing world’s flattest pancake’s!

  1. boatdriver91 says:

    You cheeky so and so! Orelia is one of the best kept secrets of the diving world.
    Being “flat” as you call it allows her to go where others can’t, ie UNDEr the over hangs of platforms. The recent spoon bow has changed her from the skip to the tub, true but still an extreemly stable working platform which is what you need. With 1800m2 plus of deck space she can carry lots and lots of kit. She has been know to stay on location for upwards of 130+ days and all those who serve on her are very happy to keep her a “secret2 from the like of you, ugly no, ahead of her time yes
    Yours Leo pard

  2. Jacob says:

    The ‘Orelia’ is like a whale: beached she does not win prizes for her looks, once in the water she moves with all the grace and of a whale. Flowing calmly through the water and taking most everything the sea can throw at her in stride.
    I have served on other DSVs that are considered more good looking. One of those even appeared on Discovery in Mighty Ships. Even one of those Mighty Ships build as recent as 5 years ago does not hold a candle to the seaworthiness of the Orelia.

    The one and only mighty ship is the Orelia. I have been on the newest and greatest and I have only been wishing I was back on the Orelia. Unusual she may be, but like always it is up to the viewer to see beyond the first impression.

    So if you have not sailed on her: SHUT UP.

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