AIDA Cruises (updated)

Posted: 4 March, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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AIDA Cruises

The fact that the name of the cruise-line is written in CAPITALS already says enough. They wanna shout from the rooftops that they are here and here to stay.

They also hired a graphical designer to come up with a paintjob for their fleet to stand out from the rest of the cruise-world. And it worked, in a bad way….but it worked.  I think the graphics on the hulls of their ships is creepy and I fail to see the meaning behind it and even if I put on my art-appreciating hat: also fail to see the artistic value of it. Above you see the AIDAauro (IMO 9221566), below more similarly painted stablemates.

AIDAcara (IMO: 9112789)

AIDAvita (IMO: 9221554)

AIDAdiva (IMO: 9334856)

AIDABella (IMO: 9362542)

AIDAblu (IMO: 8521220)

And new ships featuring the same livery are coming in the all-to-near future:

One of them is the AIDAluna :

Dunno source via the Interweb

Dunno source via the Interweb

I guess the word here is publicity….and it worked as well: they got it!!

Update (04-03-2009)

Well, the AIDALuna is out of the closet, she has done her first dancing steps and soon she will be parading around on the 7 seas, entertaining loads of people and making plenty of revenue for her owners.

And a bit of an artisty picture:

Apparently one of the propellers gave problems during the seatrails so she is back into the drydock for investigation. Gives the world a bit more time to brace themselves for when they let her loose on the tourist industry.


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