Dewitt C. Greer

Posted: 10 March, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Dewitt C. Greer

IMO : 9102019

Build : 1995 by Trinity Industries, Inc., Escatawba in the USA, nr ?

Have you ever seen those doubledecker highways, either in the United States or elsewhere in the world?? From the side this vessel looks exactly like it if parts of the upper lanes had broken off from said bridge. And from the front it looks like the bridge deck is about to topple to one side because it stands on such thin pillars.

There are 5 of these floating monstrosities, starting with the one pictured above the header of this post: the Dewitt C. Greer. Then the one right above this poetic line: the Ray Stoker Jr.

Then we have the Robert H. Dedman:

The Robert C Lanier:

The Gibb Gilchrist:

All having their won distinguished color so you can keep them apart from each other, if you wished to do that. But that won’t keep you from wondering which side they are traveling to……

I have no idea what these people have done to deserve the disputable honor of having their names used on such odd, or rather: ugly looking vessels. But I can’t imagine them being over the moon with it.

  1. roadgeek6570 says:

    All were involved in some way with building highways in Texas. Some were politicians, others were engineers. All five of these ferries ply a route between Galveston and Port Bolivar on TX 87. They each give a wonderful 20-minute ride across Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel. Bring a loaf of bread to feed the gulls. The ferries aren’t ugly to Texans; we’re very proud of them, as we were their predecessors.

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