Green Ships (part 3)

Posted: 13 March, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Green Ships

Here we go again in our never-ending and no-where going quest against the green ships of this big round thing we live on. I have located yet another batch of green-painted vessels that make you roll your eyes and look away in disgust. Today I propose you write a letter or email and send it to your favorite representative in the government of choice and ask them to ban toxic-like green paintjobs.

Above you see the Heike Lehmann (that’s the one with Lehmann painted on the side, doh!) and the Arklow Ruler.

The first one:


The name is a bit incomprehensible for me, probably means something very nice & beautiful but the important thing here is the color: it’s Green, a bit dirty-ish green,  not good at all!



Pluggen is a tugboat, I thought to make that clear from the start because it’s a bit hard to see what kind of ship she is. She is also painted in a rather strange looking black/greenish paintjob which doesn’t really suit her. And to top it off: the green is a strange shade of green as well, looks like a mix between green & yellow, deffo not nice.

followed by:


I have never really liked yachts with these kind of lines, I think they are a bit messy and look like the designer just was doodling along. And then they decided to paint her green as well, wrong choice! Get her back in the boathouse and use it as a static holiday home.

Next one:

Island Champion

It’s always a good thing to try and break up the white surfaces with some lines (at a car they would have been called go-faster-stripes) but why on earth would you pick this color green…’s yuk!

Last one:

Klaas Westdijk

Yes, she is here on fire, and yes, she is run aground but no worries, nobody got hurt, no pollution, ship got saved. Worry though about the color because it’s a hideous two-toned green: toxic over hellish, it’s a disaster and it’s polluting the waterways of the Netherlands…..have pity on those poor commuters!

Really last one:

Marietje Benita

Blue-ish?? Green-ish??? It’s a very light color for sure, I really do wonder whether this is a handy color to put on the hull of a ship. And don’t get me started about the tint!!

Well, I’ve got a bucket full by now, and you?? Had enough for today?? Ok, we’ll continue on a later day with a new episode of this awful series!

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