MPI Resolution

Posted: 31 March, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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MPI Resolution

IMO : 9260134

Build : 2003 by Shanhaiguan shipyard, Qinhuangdao in China, nr TIV1 as Mayflower Resolution

Is it a ship?? Is it a platform?? Can it actually walk??? The last question I can certainly answer: No, they wish! The other two aren’t so easy though. This vessel is a Self-Elevating Unit (SEU) and she is used to build windfarms at sea, to install those big ventilator thingy’s far away where no-one can see them and where there is plenty of wind. And obviously an ugly ship like this is needed for that! And, I have said this before, luckily those hugh windfarms are far away at sea: that means that this vessel will also spend most of the time far away at sea, where nobody gets shocked by her monstrous appearance.

She is not only known as a SEU but also as a TIV: a Turbine Installation Vessel. And from now on she is also going into the books as an OUS, an Official Ugly Ship.

Recently she got a fresh coat of paint: a very red coat of paint.

She does look a bit menacing this way, doesn’t she?? Like a nasty dog ready to jump up & bite your leg off!

  1. Davee says:

    Some of the crew are as ugly as it. I should know, as I see them most days on here!

  2. john gavin says:

    i recently got the dfds ferry from birkenhead to belfast and passed this ugly beast just out of the crosby bend and boy is she a beast of a ship perhaps so ugly you might see this beast in the grafton liverpool !

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