WG Columbus (Updated)

Posted: 1 April, 2009 by SeaBart in non-ugly
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WG Columbus

IMO : 9452945

Build : 2008 by Astillero HJ Barreras, Vigo in  Spain, nr 1659

Remember the poll we had not too long ago?? The outcome was……..: Cool, I like it! Gimme more! Well, your wish is my command: here is more! But this time I really think this vessel looks very beautiful and futuristic. Ok, she looks a bit like a shoe but a very expensive designer one for that matter. I also have read the term “Parrots beak” but I don’t know where that comparison comes from, not a bit of bird anatomy in sight!

And I also noticed that there are people out there still voting in the poll for their favourite opinion but the outcome hasn’t changed yet!

Look, a pair of designer shoes:

Anyway: I reallyreallyreally hope that Ulstein gets loads of orders for these types of vessels and builds them like hell, there can’t be enough of them on the blue parts of this big round thingy we living on.

Update (01-04-2009, 23:59):

April Fool’s day!! Hahahaha….got you there, didn’t I???? You must have thought I’d gone weak!

This vessel isn’t beautifull, it might be futuristic and she does look like a shoe…not like a designer one though but more like a really cheap nasty sneaker! And the parrot’s beak is there as well….ready to snap at your finger! Yuk, Ugly!!

  1. Mike Learner says:

    HI, I’v been working on the WG Columbus for the last 4 years since we pulled out of Vigo and moved to the Gulf of Mexico. Just want to drop a line and say she’s still as ugly as ever.

  2. Mick Tiller says:

    We have a fleet of 8 of these ugly boats, and they are all ugly and too small. They are cool though, kinda….

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