Red Ships

Posted: 16 April, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Red Ships

We have seen green ships here, we have seen blue ships here and now we have a special about red ships. Alarm-red, orange-red, bright-red: if you don’t have any ideas about what color to go for, go for red. Red is always good! You have seen the 2 vessels above before in their own special posts (here & here) so now they lure you in again and pave the way for a whole batch of other reds.

And please remember: underneath some of those artificial thin layers of reddish hide ugly ships, can you spot them??

Urania Mella


R Sofia

Conde de Gondomar

Charuca Silveira


Picture by H. van Rijn, via the interweb

Picture by H. van Rijn, via the interweb

Yeoman Bontrup

Torm Caroline

  1. R.O. Roffel says:

    The Schnattermann has the wrong colour, the only pilotboats I remember where always in black and white, its port autority is becomming to modern.

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