Baltic News

Posted: 21 April, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Baltic News

IMO : 8808616

Build : 1990 by Herman Surken Stahlbau Schiffbau Maschienenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Papenburg in Germany, nr 365 as Gold River

I had noticed this vessel already a few times during my voyages over the famous Interweb but never thought much of her, except maybe that she was a bit peculiar, and brightly yellow. Until I saw her in real life! O.M.G….the thing you see on the pictures doesn’t half resemble the sheer ugliness of the real life vessel, it’s incredible amazing!

She is especially designed to transport paper all over the world and apparently there are 2 sisterships.

One of which is the Trans Dania, just to show that the views do not get any better when they paint her red.

Btw: the more perverse readers among us will snicker at her name when she was build…..not the most subtle!

  1. bowsprite says:

    we part company here. She makes me happy in a Carmen Miranda kind of way.

  2. Christian Stubø says:

    The hull and forward superstructure aren’t bad – it’s particularly the midships box that turns things ugly, and the funnel is a bit awkward as well.

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