Ugly Yachts

Posted: 25 April, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Ugly Yachts

It’s the weekend and you have to do something with your free time: a lot of people go out to play with their own little boats, that’s why today a post about Ugly yachts. To be fair: yachts are totally not my cup of tea. As I’m already spending most of the year on board a hugh steel bathtub floating around on the oceans of this world I have totally no intention to spend my free time on a similar but smaller thing. Once I heard a fanatical yachtie say: yachting is similar to standing under the shower in a rainsuit, ripping up 100 euro bills: You get wet, lose a lot of money and you are still left with nothing. I couldn’t agree more.

But, there are people out there who like to spend time on their yacht, spend heaps of money on it to make it look nice and be a home away from home for them to enjoy and relax in the presence of people who think likewise. Whatever floats your boat, as long as you are happy.

Unless you pollute the environment and our views with ugly yachts, big or small: like the ones pictured above and below: in that case you better stay in the marina and use the thing as a floating caravan. And put a tent over it to begin with!

You might have seen the 3 yachts above here already: A , Unknown & Guilty and below are some more examples of how a yacht should not look.


Alter Ego



Sea Shell II



This one seems to be chopped in half:

Lady Sophie

Every yacht owner tries to differentiate himself from the others by giving their pride & joy a totally individual name which reflects the said owners nature, sense of humor, profession or any other aspect throw into the mix. And sometimes the result are just plain tearjerking: check out this site for some prime examples and some good laughs:

  1. LoLo says:

    Lmao hating on other peoples yachts because you cant afford one, quite lame to be honest.

    Call me when you can afford a yacht at least half the size of these you broke shit

  2. SeaBart says:

    LMAO: hating on other people for stating their opinion.

    Don’t need a yacht, my boss provides me with a nice one for abt 180 days per year and pays me quite a bit for it as well.

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